First Farmer’s Market


Items in the picture. Clockwise starting with the mushrooms: moral mushrooms, jerusalem artichoke, baby romaine, rhubarb, asparagus, daylily, pac choi. In the center, musclun.

Last Saturday was the second farmer’s market of the season and the first visit by us. We have several farmer’s markets in Omaha, but we decided to start off with the Village Point Farmer’s Market. There weren’t many vendors present, it’s still early for this part of the country. In fact there weren’t many people period. I suspect the 45 degree weather had something to do about that. Never-the-less we we’re excited to see what we could find and we weren’t disappointed. I love trying new foods and we found three we had never eaten: moral mushrooms, jerusalem artichokes and day lily stems. The moral mushrooms were sold by Bryan Family Farm and we also purchased mesclun, baby romaine, pac choi and rhubarb from them. The other two farmers we purchased produce from, I didn’t catch their names. I should have asked. Hopefully they’ll be there next time we visit and I’ll add their names later to this post. At any rate a young woman who will have to remain a mystery for now, had a small but interesting group of produce. We purchased jerusalem artichokes and daylilies from her. They were the first two things we tried upon arriving home. We tasted the jerusalem artichokes raw and they reminded me of jicama, sweet and starchy. We added some of the daylilies raw to a salad. They really didn’t have much flavor and we’re a little fibrous. We’ll try them cooked a bit next. We also purchased asparagus from another woman. The last food we purchased was two different goat cheeses, Chevre Frais and Natalie in Gray, from Shadow Brook Farm.

All-in-all we had a very nice morning at the market and were happy with our haul. Most of the produce has already found it’s way to our stomachs! Hopefully I’ll find the time to post some of the meals I’ve cooked with the ingredients.

By Kenton


2 Responses to First Farmer’s Market

  1. Brian Davies says:

    It’s good to read from your visit at the Village Pointe Farmer’s Market. I enjoyed selling veggie starts at the Harvest Nursery booth. We hope to be there in a few weeks selling some wonderful heirloom vegetables and veggie starts.

    • Kenton says:

      We’ll keep an eye out for your booth. We’ve started a small vegetable garden this year. We’re definitely interested in trying heirloom varieties. This year we’re doing well to just get something in the ground. :)

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