The Great Shake Experiment Part Deux

sour-cherry-shakeNot to be deterred from my failed first shake with no ice cream experiment, I persevere.  The consistency was right on target so I’m keeping the frozen bananas.  The carob was too strong so I’m switching to fruit.  Drat!  I was really looking forward to inventing the next great carob something-or-other.

Fortunately, I have some great frozen cherries (courtesy of my mom – Thanks Mom!).  Unfortunately, we ran out of honey so I turned to raw sugar.  Truth be told I’ve been wanting to play with the raw sugar since Kent brought it home.  This was just the opportunity I’d been looking for–don’t tell Kent.

Experiment 2

Cherry Banana Shake
Take One


2 frozen bananas
1 c. frozen sour cherries
1 c. nonfat dry milk
3 T raw sugar
3/4 c ice water
1/2 t vanilla

Pros:  Great consistency again.  Color was okay.  Not great.  Pink but not a bright pink.  Very filling – one glass filled me up.

Cons:  Very very rich.  Too rich for Kent.  He added skim milk to tone it down.  I drank my straight.

Discussions:  Okay, okay, maybe it’s time to reduce the dry milk.  I don’t want to add more water because that might mess with the consistency which is the only thing these shakes have had right.

Trial Take

Okay, okay.  I guess it’s time to cut the amount of nonfat dry milk.  And the sweetener.


2 frozen bananas
1 c. frozen sour cherries
2/3 c. dry milk
1/2 t vanilla
3/4 c. ice water

Pros:  The good consistency is holding.  Color is much much better.  The sour cherry flavor is stronger and more flavoricious. There is a difference of opinion about the richness.  My sister and I agree that the richness level was good.  It was still a bit much for Kent who added skim milk to it.

Cons:  Grainy.  It’s been grainy all along but I was wanting this to be a simple “just put everything in and blend” kind of thing.  Looks like I’ll need to premix the nonfat milk and water.

Next time:  Fix the graininess.  And do I dare combine the two experiments?  A Cherry Carob Banana Extravaganza?!?!


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