Beet Ice Cream Syrup Experiment


In my last post I wrote about gussying up a jar of pickled beets.  One thing that always seems like a waste to me, is throwing out the beautiful red liquid the beets cook in.  When cleaning up the dishes I paused at the beet leavings, dipped a finger, tasted, and immediately thought of ice cream.  So I added about a half tablespoon of sugar and cooked the liquid down to a syrup.  We sat down to, possibly, enjoy our dessert and both decided, “It’s different.”  Really the only thing I didn’t like about it was the taste of salt.  The salt which the jarred beets contained had of course concentrated.  I’ve had salty peanuts on ice cream and that worked, but somehow a salty syrup wasn’t quite as enjoyable.  Other than that the syrup had a nice fruit like flavor, almost a tart cherry.  The mild heat the ginger brought with the syrup was interesting.  Eating cold ice cream while my mouth was pleasantly warmed by spice, was something I hadn’t experienced before.  Hmmm, maybe a pinch of cayenne next time….

By Kenton


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