Banana Bread with Heart


We’re big fans of banana bread and we keep a constant supply of frozen bananas on hand in the freezer.  So I’m always trying to find the best recipe for it.  My favorites have come from the Complete Cooking Light Cookbook and the New Laurel’s Kitchen.  All three have great qualities.

The Cooking Light recipe is good and healthy, but a little light in consistency.  I like hearty bread.

The New Laurel’s Kitchen recipe makes a hearty whole wheat banana bread but the wheat overwhelms the banana flavor.

This morning I had a brain storm.  Why not combine the two?

To maintain the flavor and low fat qualities of one but add the heartiness of the other, I used the Cooking Light recipe as my basis.  Then I used one cup all-purpose flour with one cup whole wheat pastry flour instead of two cups of the all-purpose flour.  Worried that it would be a little on the dry side, I upped the bananas from three to four.

Mmm, mmmm, good.  I think we have a keeper.

Robertson, L., Flinders, C. & Ruppenthal, B. (1986).  The New Laurel’s Kitchen.  Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press.

Wesler, C.A. (Ed.). (2000).  The Complete Cooking Light Cookbook.  Birmingham, AL:  Oxmoor House.


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